Hacker News - Wednesday, January 31st 2024
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XFaaS: Hyperscale and Low Cost Serverless Functions at Meta
In this paper from the 2023 Symposium on Operating Systems Principles, the authors describe Meta's internal system for serverless called XFaaS, which runs trillions of function calls per day on over 100,000 servers. The paper discusses the challenges the authors faced in building and optimizing the infrastructure, such as handling load spikes, ensuring fast function startup and execution, global load balancing, high utilization of resources, and preventing overload of downstream services. The architecture of XFaaS consists of five main components: Submitter, load balancers, DurableQ, Scheduler, and Worker Pool. Clients schedule function execution with the Submitter, which interfaces with downstream components. The function execution request is forwarded to a load balancer, which then stores the function information in DurableQ. A scheduler determines the order of function calls based on criticality, execution deadline, and capacity quota. The scheduler assigns function executions to the Worker Pool using a load-balancer approach. XFaaS also includes performance optimizations such as time-shifted computing and cooperative JIT compilation. The paper evaluates XFaaS's ability to maintain high utilization, efficiently execute functions, and prevent overload of downstream services. It concludes by discussing the uniqueness of XFaaS in characterizing a serverless system at immense scale and raises questions about whether certain functions would be better served as batch jobs and the reliability of anecdotal knowledge on XFaaS utilization.
Intel's Humbling
Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger is facing challenges as the company’s struggles continue, with its stock falling more than 12% following a disappointing Q1 projection for both sales and profit. Demand has weakened in the data centre processor market, and other businesses such as programmable chips and components for self-driving vehicles are also struggling. Additionally, Intel’s attempts to enter the foundry business have not yet taken off. Gelsinger acknowledged that the first quarter has not gone as well as hoped, but he expects 2024 to improve. Intel has been making efforts to compete with chips manufactured by Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) on TSMC’s process and also faces competition from ARM and GPUs.
Why Custom GPTs are better than plugins
OpenAI has announced the introduction of Custom GPTs, with over 3 million GPTs created since then, and over 200,000 publicly available. Unlike traditional plugins, Custom GPTs allow for pre-configured actions and capabilities, as well as embedded knowledge specific to the task at hand. This enables users to switch conversations depending on the task, making it quicker and more intuitive. The benefits of Custom GPTs over plugins are numerous. Firstly, GPTs are open to everyone, with the ability to be listed on the "GPT Store" or shared via direct URL. Secondly, adding knowledge to a GPT is as simple as uploading a file, whether it be a PDF, raw text, or markdown. Custom GPTs also offer various capabilities such as web browsing, DALL·E image generation, and code interpretation. Furthermore, GPT creators can provide conversation starters to give users suggestions on how to use the GPT effectively. Unlike plugins, GPTs do not require coding or servers, as the necessary context and knowledge can be added through instructions and file uploads. Lastly, OpenAI now supports mentioning GPTs within conversations, allowing for enhanced functionality. Overall, Custom GPTs offer a more accessible and versatile approach to development.
Square Kilometre Array prototype 'scope achieves first light
The SKAMPI radio telescope, designed by a team from ten different countries and built in China, has achieved first light. The telescope is one of the designs for the Square Kilometre Array (SKA), a massive international project to build the world's largest radio telescope. The SKAMPI model was assembled in South Africa in 2018, where it will be a part of the SKA. Testing began in 2019 and the technical commissioning work was completed in early 2022. The SKA team has since worked on enabling robotic operations and developing Docker-based software tools for the telescope. First-light observations with SKAMPI have already been successful, with imaging of the Southern Sky and detection of the Vela pulsar. The SKA organization is pleased with the results, as it shows that SKAMPI is working as expected. The completion of SKAMPI will inform the development of the larger SKA-Mid telescope, while the SKA-Low facility will be built in Australia. These projects will require significant compute and storage infrastructure to handle the large amount of data they will produce.
Show HN: Open-source x64 and Arm GitHub runners
Ubicloud is a unique cloud platform that offers an open, free, and portable alternative to traditional cloud providers. Similar to how Linux provides an open alternative to proprietary operating systems, Ubicloud aims to provide users with greater control and transparency over their cloud infrastructure. One notable feature of Ubicloud is its open-source nature, allowing users to access and review the source code on GitHub. This fosters a collaborative environment and enables users to contribute to the platform's development. Additionally, Ubicloud offers managed runners for GitHub Actions, making it convenient for developers to use within their existing workflows. Another advantage of Ubicloud is its use of cost-effective bare metal instances for its managed service. By utilizing these bare metal instances, Ubicloud can optimize costs and pass those savings onto users, making it an attractive option for those seeking a more affordable cloud solution. In summary, Ubicloud provides an open, free, and portable cloud platform that promotes transparency, flexibility, and affordability for users.
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What a Dedicated Development Team Is and Why You Should Have One
increased productivity, cost-effectiveness, and better communication. Having a dedicated development team means that you have a group of experts working exclusively on your product, rather than sharing their time and attention across multiple projects or clients. This allows them to develop a deep understanding of your requirements and deliver high-quality work with efficient turnaround times. One of the main benefits of a dedicated team is access to specialized skills. These teams are often composed of individuals with expertise in various technologies, programming languages, and frameworks, ensuring that you have access to the right skills for your project. Another advantage is increased productivity. Since the team is solely focused on your project, they can work collaboratively and efficiently, without distractions or interruptions. This can lead to faster development cycles and quicker time to market for your product. Cost-effectiveness is a significant factor as well. Offshore development teams often come at a lower cost compared to hiring in-house talent or using freelancers. You can save on expenses such as office space, equipment, benefits, and recruiting costs. Furthermore, dedicated teams tend to have better communication and collaboration practices in place. They typically use tools and methodologies that promote transparency, regular updates, and effective coordination. This ensures that you have clear visibility into the progress of your project and can provide timely feedback. In conclusion, dedicated development teams offer a range of benefits including specialized skills, increased productivity, cost-effectiveness, and better communication. If you have a long-term project or require access to specific expertise, a dedicated team could be an ideal choice for your outsourcing needs.
Any Newsletters worthy of promote?
Promoting your AI product Trickle in newsletters is a great way to gain more exposure. Here are a few newsletters that might be worth considering: 1. "Hacker Newsletter": This newsletter is targeted towards the tech community and covers a wide range of topics including AI, startups, and programming. It has a large readership, making it a great platform to reach your target audience. 2. "The Hustle": This newsletter focuses on business and technology news. It has a large subscriber base and is known for engaging content. While it may be more expensive to promote in this newsletter, the ROI can be high due to its large and engaged audience. 3. "Startup Digest": This newsletter provides curated content on startups, entrepreneurship, and technology. It reaches a diverse community of entrepreneurs and may be a good fit for promoting Trickle. To determine the ROI for promoting in these newsletters, you will need to consider the cost per visit. This can vary based on factors like the size of the newsletter's audience, targeting options, and the effectiveness of your promotional content. It's important to track the engagement and conversion metrics to evaluate the success of the campaigns. Remember to research and reach out to several newsletters to determine which ones align best with your target audience and offer the most favorable ROI.
First Failure of #12Months12Startups
In the #12Months12Startups challenge, the creator sets out to build a new software-as-a-service (SAAS) startup each month until one becomes profitable. The first attempt, Practici, was born out of the need for students to have access to past papers and study guides. However, after minimal traction on ProductHunt, a ban on promoting Practici on Reddit, and little interest on platforms like TikTok and Twitter, the creator has deemed it a failure. From this experience, the creator has learned some valuable lessons. Firstly, there is a difference between building something you want and building something that many others want and are willing to pay for. Marketing also plays a crucial role and cannot be overlooked. The creator attempted to promote Practici on relevant platforms but faced bans and minimal engagement. Additionally, the creator gained knowledge about hosting, Stripe, and design using TailwindCSS and TailwindComponents. While the first month of the challenge ended in failure, the creator acknowledges the value of executing an idea and the learning that comes with it. They encourage others to take on the challenge and share their progress using the hashtag #12months12startups.