Financial Briefing - Tuesday, October 17th 2023
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When Momentum Loses Momentum
The momentum factor, a popular investment strategy based on buying stocks with positive price momentum, has experienced a significant decline in performance in 2023. January 2023 was the worst month for momentum since April 2009, leading to increased skepticism among some investors. However, proponents of the momentum factor argue that short-term underperformance is to be expected and that the long-term evidence supports its effectiveness. Over a period of more than 60 years, momentum has exhibited a better reward-to-risk ratio than other well-established factors like value, size, and quality. It is important to remember that momentum losses often occur during months when the overall market returns are positive, suggesting that the factor provides diversification benefits. While 2023 has been a challenging year for momentum, the historical evidence suggests that the momentum premium is likely to persist. Investors who understand the long-term evidence behind factors like momentum may consider using momentum ETFs to gain exposure to this factor.
Ranger Energy: 2 Solid Reasons To Consider This Under-The-Radar Oil Stock
Despite the challenges facing the oilfield services sector, Ranger Energy Services has managed to shine. The small-cap oilfield services company offers high-specification rigs, wireline services, processing solutions, and additional services to US oil and gas producers. Despite the decline in drilling activity and rig counts, Ranger Energy has showcased margin improvement and pricing growth in its most recent quarterly report. The company has a niche focus on completion and production services, which has allowed it to sustain healthy demand even amidst market challenges. Additionally, Ranger Energy has achieved its goal of zero net debt and has consistently generated strong quarterly free cash flows. With a fortified balance sheet, the company is better equipped to weather potential market adversities and is now focused on lifting shareholder returns through dividends and buybacks. Ranger Energy's shares are currently trading at a lower valuation than other industry players, indicating potential room for growth. However, the company's fortunes are tied to oil price dynamics and a significant decline in oil prices or rig counts could negatively impact its share price.
Piedmont Lithium: A Developer With Many Moving Parts
Piedmont, a lithium development company, is involved in a joint venture with Sayona, an Australian-listed lithium firm, to acquire North American Lithium (NAL), a brownfield mine located in Quebec, Canada. Piedmont invested $5 million to acquire a 25% stake in the mine and became a major stakeholder in Sayona with a $3.1 million equity placement, giving them a 19.9% stake in the company. Additionally, Piedmont has the right to purchase a portion of the spodumene concentrate produced by NAL. The deal is expected to bring in significant revenue for Piedmont, as spodumene prices have soared in recent years. Assuming spodumene prices average around $2,800 per ton, Piedmont could earn between $100 million and $300 million per year once NAL reaches nameplate capacity. However, the deal has an expiration date: once Sayona builds a lithium carbonate plant, the spodumene will be directed there instead of being sold to Piedmont. Piedmont's other projects include a joint venture with Atlantic Lithium in Ghana and two wholly-owned lithium projects in the United States.
Does The Current Uptrend Stand Firm?
In the stock market, there has been a persistent upward movement in the 7.5-week-old Uptrend, with a few factors contributing to its progress. The yield spread between 2-year and 10-year Treasury notes has flattened, resulting in a passive rise in the stock market. Additionally, the Security Exchange Commission (SEC) has implemented a regulation on short sales of hedge funds, requiring quarterly reports, which will help dampen market volatility. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia's decision to increase oil production next year to assist Israel and cooperate with the US government's oil policy will also support market performance. The Bulls vs. Bears ratio has been positive, showing a surplus in September and October 13, indicating a bullish start to the month. The Trifecta Distribution Index (TDI) has also improved, with a surplus of 1 point as of October 13, compared to a deficit on October 6. The S&P 500 11 Sector Diffusion Index (SDI) has shown a bullish movement, reaching 57% on October 13. Overall, the Uptrend is expected to continue smoothly until 2024 or even 2025, driven by a positive bond market and the performance of AI corporations.
UiPath: Taking Advantage Of Gen AI
UiPath, a leading provider of process automation and orchestration, is rated as Buy to Strong Buy by analysts. The company's growth, profitability, momentum, and EPS revision have all received strong grades. However, its valuation grade is low, indicating that it may not align with value. Despite this, the company's business and sales evolution suggest sustainability. UiPath's revenue grew by over 60% at the beginning of 2021 but decelerated to 4.72% in Q1 2023. Factors such as high growth rates in previous years and the tightening of monetary conditions in 2022 contributed to the slowdown. However, YoY growth has accelerated in the last two quarters. UiPath's dollar-based net retention rate (NRR) for Q2 2024 was 121%, indicating strong customer retention and potential for growth without new customers. While UiPath faces competition in the robotic process automation (RPA) space, it has leveraged Generative AI (Gen AI) to differentiate itself. The company has added Gen AI features to its product, including LLMs and natural language prompts. This move into Gen AI is expected to boost the business and create novel use cases. UiPath's technology, which excels at finding and integrating data, is useful for Gen AI projects that require context. Analysts have raised consensus estimates for UiPath's topline, supporting a valuation upgrade. A targeted comparison with ServiceNow shows that UiPath is undervalued on most metrics. While UiPath is not currently profitable on a GAAP basis, its high gross margins and restructuring initiative provide room for growth. UiPath's healthy balance sheet and net cash positive position make it an attractive investment. However, risks include wage inflation and a potential bubble in unprofitable tech stocks. Overall, UiPath shows promise as it continues to deliver on revenues and earnings.
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China plans to cut stamp duty on stocks by up to 50% to revive confidence
China's blue-chip CSI 300 Index surged about 3% on Monday after the country announced plans to cut stamp duty on stock trading, confirming an earlier Reuters report. Chinese authorities intend to slash stamp duty on stock trading by up to 50% in an effort to rejuvenate the struggling stock market. The proposed cut follows China's commitment in late July to revive its second-largest stock market, which has been under pressure due to a weakening economic recovery and a deepening debt crisis in the property market. Official data showed that stamp duty on securities transactions contributed 276 billion yuan ($40.8 billion) or 1.35% to China's total fiscal revenue of 20.37 trillion yuan ($3.02 trillion) last year. China's finance ministry stated that it is reducing the 0.1% duty on stock trades by 50% in order to stimulate the capital market and enhance investor confidence.
Twinkies maker Hostess Brands explores sale amid takeover interest 
Hostess Brands, the renowned maker of Twinkies, is reportedly considering a sale after attracting interest from several major snack food manufacturers. The move follows Hostess' decision to raise prices on certain products in an effort to bolster revenue. However, this move has raised concerns among investors about the company's future. General Mills, Mondelez International, PepsiCo, and Hershey are among the potential suitors interested in acquiring Hostess. The news of potential acquisition caused Hostess shares to surge by as much as 30%. However, no official deal has been announced yet, and it remains to be seen how this situation will develop. Hostess Brands, known for its iconic treats such as Ding Dongs and Ho Hos, may soon find itself under new ownership.
China steps up yuan defence with bond limit guidance 
China's central bank has issued guidance to domestic banks, asking them to limit outflows into foreign bonds. This move is part of a series of steps taken by Chinese authorities to curb the weakening of the yuan. The central bank's efforts to stabilize the currency against the US dollar come amidst losses in China's financial markets and heavy outflows. This move is seen as urgent action to address the stalling economy and reflects policymakers' concerns about stabilizing the currency. The recent measures to make it difficult to short the yuan show that China is stepping up its defense of the currency. Investors are growing impatient, waiting for more forceful action to counteract the economic slowdown. China's efforts to prop up the yuan and control outflows could have a significant impact on the country's financial markets and the global economy.