AI Roundup - Friday, January 12th 2024
Introducing the GPT Store
OpenAI has introduced a new plan called the ChatGPT Team plan, catering to teams of any scale. This plan provides team members with access to a private portion of the GPT Store, where GPTs (Generative Pre-trained Transformers) are published securely to their workspace. Although not available immediately, the GPT Store will soon be accessible to ChatGPT Enterprise customers as well. The GPT Store for Enterprise users will come with additional administrative controls, allowing businesses to determine how internally-focused GPTs are shared and which external GPTs can be utilized within their organization. It is emphasized that OpenAI does not utilize the conversations held with GPTs to improve their models. With the introduction of the ChatGPT Team plan, OpenAI aims to offer customized solutions for all types of teams, enabling collaboration and productivity.
Introducing ChatGPT Team
Integrating artificial intelligence (AI) into everyday workflows can significantly enhance team productivity, according to a recent study by the Harvard Business School. The research revealed that employees at Boston Consulting Group who had access to GPT-4, an advanced AI model, reported completing tasks 25% faster and achieving a 40% higher quality in their work compared to their peers who did not have this access. Companies such as Sourcegraph have integrated AI, specifically ChatGPT, into various aspects of their business operations, including financial modeling, communications, board preparation, recruiting, and note-taking. These integrations have resulted in accelerated execution and high-level performance. Boston Children's Hospital also found success with GPTs in their operations, enhancing productivity and collaboration among their team members. As the technology is implemented safely and responsibly, it can strengthen the systems that support exceptional care for patients. ChatGPT Team, which offers these AI capabilities, is available for $25/month per user when billed annually, or $30/month per user when billed monthly.
OpenAI and journalism
The negotiations between OpenAI and The New York Times regarding a partnership appeared to be progressing positively until The New York Times surprised OpenAI with a lawsuit on December 27. OpenAI had been discussing a partnership that would allow users of their ChatGPT platform to access The New York Times' reporting in real-time. OpenAI had explained to The New York Times that their content did not significantly contribute to training their models, but the partnership would provide a new way for The New York Times to connect with readers. The New York Times had expressed concerns about regurgitation of their content, but did not provide any specific examples despite OpenAI's commitment to investigate and address any issues. OpenAI stated that the regurgitations The New York Times pointed out were from years-old articles, and it seems they intentionally manipulated prompts to elicit certain responses from the model. OpenAI reaffirmed that this misuse is not typical user activity and emphasized their commitment to improving their systems to be more resistant to such attacks.